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Got a bedtime routine? I sure do! That includes making sure the kitchen is clean- not because I’m a clean freak or a germ-phone but because I’ve got two beautiful mischievous kittens. They love roaming the counters when we’re not around or when they THINK we’re not looking. Which is why we have a spray bottle handy. And an environmental friendly cleaner. Finding fur in our food is NOT fun. But that’s not our only routine! After we discovered a tea, we now enjoy sitting back on the couch, snuggling, with a cup of piping hot tea. What’s the tea? Yogi’s Bedtime tea. I’m in love with it!!!

Naturally I add a touch of honey to it- but really the tea itself has so much flavor. Includes valerian root extract, passionflower plant extract, licorice root, spearmint leaf, chamomile flower, skullcap leaf, cardamom seed, cinnamon bark, St. John’s wort leaf and flower, rose hip, raspberry leaf, lavender flower and stevia leaf. Sounds like a lot I know!

But one thing for sure- we’re relaxed every time we have it. Maybe it’s psychological but I’ve had plenty other teas and I don’t feel that way about them.

Just saying! Now I’m going to enjoy my tea before I call it a night. Sweet dreams everybody!


Sorry there’s no picture of the actual tea. I’m drinking it now.