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Dining with foodies

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Okay, its obvious that I’m in love with food. And more than that, I LOVE the company of fellow foodies (people who loves food)! Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to have dinner at a lovely couple’s home. Fabulous kitchen by the way, which is the room I notice first whenever I visit somebody’s house. After opening a bottle of wine, chatting, the appetizer was served. Shrimp spring rolls.

Y. U. M. I also got the last one! Scoooreeee!

Then the dinner was served. Pasta with the mushroom sauce that I posted ( with a few additions: roasted eggplant, zucchini and portabella mushroom. The modifications that they made was just DELICIOUS and I applaud them for it.

That’s a great thing about food. It’s never permanent. It’s constantly changing, with the seasons, with the chefs, with the locations and what’s available in your kitchen. That’s half the fun when it comes to food! Not knowing what to expect. Sometimes it can blow your mind. Sometimes you just choke it back and sullenly dump it down the garbage disposal.

Cut up vegetables for the spring rolls

Today, I decided to try my hands on spring rolls, having learned a tip from them. Soak the rice paper for only 15-20 seconds. No wonder why I messed up before! I either did it too long, or too short. It’s all about feel. Feeling excited, I cut up a variety of vegetables. I included portabella mushroom, Habanero pepper, zucchini, avocado, green onions and fresh mint (not pictured).

Then it began. The dipping of the rice papers, assembling and wrapping! Oh it was so much fun playing with food. Growing up, most of us were taught not to play with our food, right? Hah, I play with it EVERY single time I cook. And I love it. My hands get messy. Juice dribble down my chin. Colorful bits decorate the counter. More often than not, I’m constantly chewing.

And viola!

Dru's summery rolls

I made the dipping sauce with a few ingredients and it was the PERFECT compliment to the rolls. It was so easy too!

1/4 cup agave nectar

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

1 tsp fresh mint, finely chopped

a few drops of almond oil

Mix it well, and serve in a bowl aside the rolls.

How was it? Mmm… it put a HUGE smile on my face. I think I even let out a giggle. I finally made spring rolls! I’m just calling it summery rolls cause, well, it’s August! I wouldn’t have been able to make this if it wasn’t for the fun couple who treated us to a fabulous evening of food and company!

Go and dine with others. Food isn’t meant to be enjoyed alone. Share your dish, and sample others! With their permission, of course.