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A dessert for a runner to go bananas over!

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I love sweets. LOVE them. Crave them actually. But I didn’t have any around the house. No candies, cookies or the likes. While musing on my cravings, I checked out Pinterest. I found something there that inspired me!

I used what I had in my kitchen and ended up having a DELICIOUS and nutritious snack for both my husband and I. It’s the ultimate runner’s dessert, I think.


    Banana-Almond sandwich

1 banana
Almond butter
1 TBSP chia seeds

1.) Slice the banana in pairs.
2.) Spread almond butter on half of the banana slices.
3.) Sprinkle cinnamon over them. Do the same with chia seeds.
4.) Cover with the remaining banana slices.
5.) Freeze on a plate or tray for 2 hours.
6.) Serve cold.

All ingredients have a remarkable nutritional value, even more so for runners. I can’t wait to make more after my barefoot runs in the summertime! It’s dessert without the junk. Yum!



A review of a super-instant cereal

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A review on an instant cereal that we tried camping over the weekend, called Eco-Planet Instant Hot Cereal. You can find it at I bought it at Whole Foods, after reading the ingredients. I was SOLD when I saw that it contained chia seeds! Extremely high in omega-3, fiber (6 grams which is 24% of our daily intake needs!), protein (6 grams, equivalent to 11% of our needs). If you’re backpacking, you want protein but you also want to consider the fact that you can’t keep meat cold. Or if you’re a vegetarian/ vegan. This is a GREAT option to have! The only thing I have to say is, add sweeteners of some sort to it. It’s very bran-y (taste wise, not actual!), with seven types of grains. I wished I had a packet of raw sugar with me. I’ll do that next time. It’s a great source of energy for a strenuous trip!
Just find a way to sweeten it up. Maybe the other flavors would be better? We only had original. If you’ve tried it, let me know what you think. Did you have to add anything to it, and what?