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I’m just a person who ADORES food. I think about it nearly 24/7. My biggest obstacle is the fact that I cannot consume gluten, corn or soy. This restricts my choice, BUT not my appetite! If anything, it only taught me how to go beyond what I know and often surprises my taste buds with delicious flavors!

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  1. Christina Pike-Giguere

    Hi! My name is Christina I met your mom Julie at an AHIMA coding conference this past Friday, just 2 GF girls in the lunch line haha! But she told me about your blog and very excited to always read about new recipies, information, advice etc. I have been celiac for 10 years and it’s been quite a road but like I say food allergies is all about “trial and error” 🙂 Thank you for your great blog! ~Christina Pike-Giguere

    • So glad that you had a chance to meet my mom and chat a bit about being gluten-free! It was trial and error at first, now it’s a matter of being diligent with everything I eat. Fortunately with many of my family gf, it’s a lot easier. If there’s anything I can help with- let me know!!!


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