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Delicious food + mindful eating = Healthier Me!

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I’ve got a confession: I’m addicted to food. BIG time. But I think it’s turning into a “healthier” addiction over the last few years. Of course I still love my potato chips and turn into something like the Cookie Monster whenever I open up a bag (I justify it by telling myself it’s from Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s so it can’t be THAT bad right? HAH, I know I can be delusional sometimes).

But having my husband share the same desire to improve our eating habits really helps! Especially when we both have a crazy commute each day (1 hour minimum each way for the both of us- sometimes it turns into 1.5-2 hours if the traffic’s a nightmare). It’s just easier to have a plan for that night. Saves our brain energy for the road. And for our cats, although I do need to play with them more often!IMG_20151106_213728186.jpg

How are we making it “healthier” if I’m already off cane sugar, wheat, corn, soy, dairy, baker’s yeast, sesame and cranberries? There’s a lot more to consider! I went through TWO quarts of maple syrup in 2 months. They were on sale at Whole Foods during Midnight Madness. That’s my excuse. But seriously, that’s a lot of sugar right there! I love peanut butter with it – if you mix it up with a few raisins (okay a whole handful) and heat it up, it’s like warm cookie dough. HEAVENLY. But my portions weren’t… so heavenly. In fact I often complained about feeling nauseous. Now when I look back, I realize that one serving of peanut butter is only 2 Tablespoon NOT 1/2 cup. I’m not exaggerating. I know, it’s terrible. Add potato chips to the mix? Ehh.. So I’ve found “substitutes” and still allow myself guilty “pleasures” but within a reasonable amount which is apparently called “moderation”. That’s still a new concept to me (okay, it’s not so new but I’m grudgingly coming to accept it).

IMG_20160502_144034050_HDRThis means having more healthy snacks around. So we’ve been buying more fruit! And if we have extra vegetables such as kale, I’ll steam it and add a dash of salt then eat it. Applesauce is a favorite of mine. With a few raisins thrown in (yes, a more reasonable amount this time). I’ve come to love warm almond milk with a dash of cinnamon and a touch of honey or even broth (I use Seitanbacher’s Vegetarian Broth and Seasoning: it’s a powdery version of bouillon cubes and is vegan, gluten-free and et cetera). I actually find that it’s enough to sate my cravings.

To be honest, it might also have to do with my fitness level. I’ve upped it over the last year with more regular yoga practice (whether at home or taking classes), running (I’m training for a half marathon) and hiking. IMG_6082I guess you could say that by maintaining a more active lifestyle, I’ve come to realize that I’m not as bored… therefore I’m not craving as much. But when I DO crave food, I want the good stuff! I hate feeling nauseous so I’m becoming more mindful of what I put in my body. Especially if I know I have a run or a yoga class coming up. Have you ever done a twisted triangle pose about an hour after eating potato chips? I thought I was going to puke for the majority of that class. Not cool.

On that note, I’m going to finish my apple (yes, that’s the one in the picture above) and drink more water so I’m hydrated for my power yoga class tonight!


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