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Beat the heat with a smoothie

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It’s a hot summery day in New England. When I say hot, I mean HOT! It’s in the 90’s and is very very very humid. We finally put in the air conditioning the other day and its at 82 degrees. Who does that? Most people I know set it to 70’s, typically 70-74? Or am I wrong?

On the top of it all, I haven’t been feeling well these days. We’re figuring it out but meanwhile it means I have a zero level of energy. For anything, especially cooking. So my apologies for not updating my blog in quite some time. It makes me sad to think how I’ve neglected several aspects of my lives these last few weeks because all I wanted was to relax. It was all I had energy for. Still is.

So what am I doing, talking about a smoothie? While kicking back, my husband and I watched a part of a Bobby Flay’s show. Addicted to BBQ I think? It’s a fun show- I love watching him work his magic. Only if I could sample everything he makes as we watch him! Bet you that’s the future of television- well be able to reach through and grab a plate of smoked salmon with a shallot and basil relish he made. Yum! He also made a smoothie, the bottom half was peach mango and something else? The top was strawberry banana… How delicious and cooling does that sound?

So my husband looked at me and asked if I wanted a smoothie. Naturally I said yes but told him not to worry. Alex then reminded me that he haven’t gone grocery shopping yet (I’ve got a husband who will go shopping for me!!!). Out came the Vita-Mix cookbook! He pointed at the very first smoothie recipe and I agreed. Banana blueberry orange smoothie. Just seeing the picture brought down the temperature in the living room by 5 degrees. It was already working its magic!

Out Alex went while I curled up on the couch, watching TV. I’m a wonderful housewife, I know. He came back with food for the week and goodies to whip up a smoothie with!

Alex froze the bananas as directed and we waited. He cooked up a storm while we waited- he made flaxseed bread so I will have a snack at work. Made himself brownies so he would have sweets (not gluten-free which is FINE by me). Then it was time!

Wanting to be a better wife, I dragged myself off the couch and offered to peel the oranges. What a difficult task (right!), but hey I wanted to feel useful. In went oranges, frozen blueberries, frozen bananas and water. No sweeteners. A CLEAN smoothie! Vegan smoothies are the way to go when its hot like this. Then we both watched as he turned on the Vita-Mix. I still get excited every time it pulverize whatever’s in it! And it works FAST!!! How exciting, this must be how a guy feels when they destroy something. Mmm essentially we’re “destroying” fruit, changing its form.

Then Alex poured the purple goodness in two tall glasses. We sat down in our air-conditioned living room and slurped it down. I remarked how it tasted of summer. Fresh. Specifically, summer at the lake where you wait on the dock, heating up underneath the rays and when you cannot handle it anymore you run and jump into the freezing water of the lake. How refreshing that is! Ah!!!

Now this is my kind of summer. I even forgot that I wasn’t feeling well! Many thanks to my handsome Alex for taking care of me and treating me to a delicious smoothie. I have to say, it might be easy to forget that we can make a smoothie but it really is fast! Vita-Mix has so many recipes, it’s amazing. You can find them online! Go to Vita-Mix smoothie recipes

Try one and let me know how you like it! I haven’t tried them all but I will definitely try a few more before the summer is out. Be sure to buy fresh fruit- hopefully get it the day you make the smoothies. Freshness counts in my opinion!

Stay cool everybody! And I will do my best to blog more regularly. Thanks!



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  1. Smoothies are my favorite post-run recovery snack in the summer! Today I made one from frozen bananas and blueberries, spinach, chia seeds, and almond milk.

    • Yum!!! Sounds great! How much spinach do you use in proportion with the fruit? And chia seeds. I love using chia- I feel healthier just seeing it on my spice rack in the kitchen!

      • I usually just rip off a small handful and stick it in there haha kale is another great dark, leafy green to add. The fruit takes over the taste, while you get all the nutrients from the veggies! Beware the color though 😉

      • Sounds good to me! Kale is a favorite of mine. Thanks for the warning about the color- appearance can be deceiving!

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