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Too difficult finding food while traveling?

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My husband wanted to go to Kona brewery company during our last few hours on the island for lunch. But the menu online was NOT promising for me. So we went to a natural food store and picked up a jicama citrus salad and a raw vegan peppermint chocolate cheesecake (wow!). We went to Kona, hoping for the best.

What happened was the hostess seemed so surprised that we even asked if we could bring in my food while he ate their food- after giving her an apologetic look while emphasizing how many food allergies I have, they told us not to worry. I was able to munch happily while Alex had his pizza and beer!

So don’t hesitate to bring your own food if needed! They did give me a plate so it looked like I ordered from their menu for other restauranteurs. Fine by me- meant I didn’t have to eat out of plastic containers.

Hawaii has truly been a place where we tested a lot of things when it came to food. Overall, it’s been a wild success with a few minor setbacks.

Pineapple, mango and guava, oh my! While I’ll continue to eat them, I’ll miss the fact that I once ate them locally. Along with fresh coffee- my favorite by far is Coffees of Hawaii from Molokai! Much more so than Kona- don’t stone me! It’s not kapu to prefer other islands over big island. King Kamehameha I no longer exists! What was once taboo no longer is. Although the place of refuge is close by…(in case you’re wondering, look them up online for a bit of Hawaiian history!)




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