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Stuck in a blizzard: did you stock up?

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Alex and I agreed that we had enough to tide us over for the storm. Now we don’t have extra meat in the freezer or anything like that- in fact were now a meatless apartment. But after doing a quick inventory, we agreed that we had enough. The only downside it’s not a feast that includes fruit salad or jalapeño poppers. But we do have food!

Let’s see…. We had kale leftover from last night (braised with garlic and ginger yum!) and beans (Alex had the leftover red pepper sauce mixed with red kidney beans and avocado while I had chickpeas cooked in chili oil) for lunch.

Baked sunflower seed cookies this morning with what we had on hand. We typically have seeds, nuts and flour on hand- all gluten-free of course!

Supper will be…. Pasta with tomato sauce and spice that we decide to add in. Depends on our mood later on. Fortunately we’re already stocked up with hard cider!!!

What about breakfast tomorrow you say? I’ll probably open up my flour bin and try to figure out which pancakes we can make along with slices of apples and orange juice. We both have milk (I have unsweetened almond milk while he had lactose free milk) for our coffee. Then lunch probably will be leftovers. There’s also brown rice tortillas to make cheese quesadillas with or faux garlic bread.

Know what? Even though my fridge doesn’t look stocked up, I think we’re good to roll!



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  1. I have the most random assortment of food right now: canned lotus root, borscht, pasta, corn pops. Coffee is dangerously low however. I enjoyed your blog. I write a fair amount of gluten free posts myself.

    • Canned lotus root – what do you make with that? I’ve never used it myself. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in stores.


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