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Got leftovers but not enough? Recreate a new meal!

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Last night my husband made spaghetti with a DELICIOUS sauce. It was red, but it has absolutely no trace of tomatoes! It was a red pepper sauce. The recipe can be found on:

Instead of hot sauce (which we ran out of and I didn’t realize it when planning meals for the week, OOPS!), my husband used a bit of water with chili powder. He threw an onion, two red peppers, ginger, water and the spice in a sauce pan to cook it a bit. Then he poured it all into a blender and mixed it up.

A tomato-less red sauce made with red peppers and ginger!

A tomato-less red sauce made with red peppers and ginger!

It was scrumptious! Packed with flavor- the ginger added a kick to it. Immediately I wondered how it would taste if I roasted the red peppers first and used paprika or chipotle powder instead of chili for a smoky taste.

We ate all of the pasta. It was so good, satisfying my cravings for carbs yet it was entirely different than your standard tomato sauce. I mean I love comfort food but I wanted something a bit different last night.

So… we have no pasta left but some of the sauce left. Looking at my kitchen, it hit me. I told him, “Don’t worry about it. When we have our leftovers, I’ll just mix it up with red kidney beans and avocado for dinner.” Now this sauce is a multipurpose sauce!

I love it when I can recreate an entirely different meal using leftovers. It adds variety to our meals with half the work!

What’s your favorite leftover to reuse and how do you do it?


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  1. Not a huge change but enough of one. After we have chicken, turkey, or pot roast, we take the leftover meat and veggies and make stew out of it. A bit of broth and flour (or cornstarch) go a long way in making a meal tasty. Stew at this house has had green bean casserole added, mashed potatoes etc and of course then season to taste!

    • Guess it’s a family thing since we do the same! Mom and Dad’s famous for doing that 🙂

      • I actually learned the trick from my hubby LOL I can’t recall Mom ever doing it although she may have. We do it because it is only the 2 of us and if we buy a roast or chicken it is way too much food. Whats great about that is we usually get 2 meals of main meal and enough stew that we can freeze half for another time!

      • Mom’s the one who does that with chicken while Dad uses beef 🙂 stew tastes awesome with leftovers!!!

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