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Playing with food leads to delightful discoveries!

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I finally used my dry grain container for the Vita-Mix! It’s long overdue, I know that. But I just… I have way too many things I want to do that it’s a matter of remembering and prioritizing. But on Saturday a few weeks ago, I opened my cookbook and saw a recipe for buckwheat pancakes. Ooo, it looked DELICIOUS. But I didn’t have any flour. Then I saw a bag of buckwheat grains. A bulb went on in my head. It couldn’t have been any more obvious! Make my own flour!



photo 2

Homemade buckwheat flour

So I did. I emptied the bag in the container and turned it on. It wasn’t even a minute before it was pulverized before my eyes. I decided to give it a few more seconds. Then I shut it off. When I took off the cover, my jaws dropped. That is one powerful motor. It was dust. Or in another word, flour. Entirely.

Buckwheat pancakes with homemade buckwheat flour

Buckwheat pancakes with homemade buckwheat flour

I made pancakes. The interesting thing about this recipe from Whole Life Nutritions cookbook was that it said it made only 5-7 pancakes. Mmm.. oh, you make HUGE ones! It was delicious! It wasn’t sweet, but after eating only almond pancakes for awhile, we were ready for a change. With pure maple syrup (we don’t use any other kinds), it was perfect. I want to say savory, but that’s not quite the word… it was appetizing and filling. It was perfect for our mood that morning.

Then on Christmas, I went to my parents and found my mom ready with recipes she had found. She wasn’t sure about how to modify one since it called for brown sugar. It was a squash recipe, wrapped with bacon and fresh thyme. She had gone ahead and bought date sugar. I told her to go for it. Instead of using just date sugar, she mixed it up with maple syrup. She covered the acorn squash  with the sweet mixture and I helped hold the thyme sprigs in place as she wrapped it in bacon.

It was beautiful. So elegant looking! It was something I would expect at a restaurant but not at home. I was so proud of my mom for trying something new!

Acorn squash wrapped in bacon and thyme sprigs, prior to roasting in the oven.

Acorn squash wrapped in bacon and thyme sprigs, prior to roasting in the oven.

The dish turned out to be my favorite part of the entire meal. We had a delicious coconut lime chicken with almond dipping sauce, salad, garlic bread (gluten free bread with roasted garlic spread on it as if it was butter… mmmm… who needs butter when you’ve got roasted garlic? I even popped one in my mouth. It’s almost like candy), and broccoli.

Who doesn’t love great food? I cannot imagine enjoying life as much as I do if I didn’t appreciate food. I really cannot. Taste is one of the five senses (maybe 6?), and with my hearing out of the picture, I’ve got four left. So I value each one of them very much. But taste? Ooohh… it’s what makes my body sing, even if it’s off-key. It makes me dance (ask my husband, I’ve got a picadillo dance). It makes me smile. It makes me giddy. It gets me excited when I see other people taking risks with food. Especially when they enjoy it “straight up” which is what I call cooking from scratch.

I. Love. Food.

I think my New Year’s resolution is going to include making my own flour more often AND trying DIFFERENT recipes. Do you have a food resolution?


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