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Sunday is upon us once again! Yes, it’s time to plan out the week. This time I’m feeling so proud of myself! Our fridge isn’t bare so I looked at what we had and went from there.

Sure enough, our grocery shopping list is short! Yay! Yes it’s a pat on the back moment for me (Pats self on the back). Okay, how did I figure it out?

Well tonight isn’t a recipe from any cookbooks but just using what we have. We happen to have coconut cream, one chicken breast, carrots, parsley, garam masala and onions. So I immediately thought of an Indian influenced dish. With greens on the side.

But I have ginger and sweet potatoes… What to do? Roasted sweet potatoes and wild salmon with ginger lime marinade! I only have to buy a pound of salmon for that. Only salmon for two dinners so far? Sweet. I also have potatoes. Mmmmmm latkes! Tis the season, after all. Greens are a must so I’m making baked kale that I mentioned in a few blogs ago with almond flour and olive oil. Which I already have.

Wednesday and Thursday are easy to figure out. We have plans for Friday night so we need to use up the leftovers.

Viola! That’s a meal worth of dinner with only salmon and kale to buy.

When planning out a meal, look in your pantry. See what you have. Some websites give you recipes by putting in what you have on hand. Really, the key to a successful dinner are spices.

Also my husband noticed that while we’re using up all our food, we sometimes throw out herbs if we don’t use the whole bunch. What a waste of money and food. Then it came to me. It’s so obvious yet I never thought of it. Just cut up all of it, take what we need and freeze the rest. I’ve already done that with herbs my parents grew in their garden. So why not do that with store bought herbs?

Also today is the first Advent Sunday of the year. We’ve been getting in the spirit with Christmas movies, a mini tree and a gift to ourselves (a canvas print from our wedding). That’s the only gift for this year. How can I ask for more? I gained a husband, a kitty, a family to call my own, an apartment in a new city and a new job all in one year. One summer actually. I’m beyond blessed. And I’ve got fabulous food on the top of that? Again I’ll say this, I’m beyond blessed.



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