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Meal planning part 3: off to a great start!

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It’s week 3! Last week didn’t count due to Thanksgiving. We focused on using up the leftovers. I daresay we did a good job! But right now… It’s Sunday. Which meant meal planning and grocery shopping. Surprisingly it was a LOT easier. I think I’m getting the hang of it. AND it’s getting cheaper!

Cheaper eating all of these “fancy” meals? Yup…. That’s the benefit of planning. No more food gone to waste. Not eating as much meat helps. Actually this is a vegetarian week…. Again. Which I love! I also look at what I’m using- if I can double up on an ingredient, then I’ll do that. I also buy things in bulk if I know I’ll use them- only if its on sale. Such as Pacific brand vegetable broth. I go through them like crazy on a weekly basis. And it was on sale at Stop and Shop, so why not? Also planning means no more impromptu trips to Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or any other place during the week to appease a craving or desperately trying to come up with a dinner at the last minute.

So what’s on tap for the week?

My lunch is: collards with lentils, tomatoes and Indian spices (garam masala)
Alex is having PBJ’s

Dinner tonight was vegetable frittata with greens on the side. The potato crust rocked my socks off! I used the recipe from Whole Life Nutrition. I already plan on making this for Christmas breakfast with my family. It was that yummy.

Monday is baked eggplants and rosemary/garlic roasted potatoes (Epicurious)

Tuesday is leftovers. Alex has a paper to work on and I’ve got a dress fitting for my sister’s wedding!

Wednesday will be roasted root vegetable soup from The Ultimate Soup Bible (I plan to prep early in the morning)

Thursday will be leftovers once again. That’s the beauty of planning ahead- we have enough to give ourselves a break every now and then!

Friday will be easy- pasta. We might be busy so we wanted something quick and easy. That’s pasta for us.

Now I never plan Saturday’s meals since I like to go with the flow then. Maybe it’s the Ethiopian restaurant a mile away? Or maybe well get inspired to try a dish? Or surprise my parents and hope for a delicious dinner as a reward. Regardless, we’ll eat well.

I have to say that planning the week really alleviates our stress level. Figuring out a meal is already difficult enough. But to do it after a long day and commute after work? Then we have to take my food allergens into consideration? Gluten, corn, soy, cane sugar, baker’s yeast, cranberries, and dairy. Yeah, that complicates things a bit.

Do you plan your meals? How do you decide what to have? Or do you go with the flow on a daily basis? Do tell!

I’m going to snuggle on the couch with my handsome husband and our adorable kitten. The Boston Celtics are playing and Star Wars are on as well!




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