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I found the perfect cupcakes!

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I’ve been craving sweets. BAD. I baked my husband walnut brownies the other day. With white flour and sugar. Yeah, I’m not risking my health for that. No dessert is worth a week of nausea.

Then my favorite blog posted a recipe- check it out at

WOW! The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen is both my favorite cookbook and blog. The recipes are incredible. I can’t remember the last time I tasted a recipe of theirs that I wasn’t crazy about. So when I saw chocolate cupcakes with yam frosting? I had to try it. Just had to.

And guess what? The frosting was the BEST one EVER. I swear. I felt like I flew to Neverland when I tasted my first spoonful. Oh you bet I had more than one!

A grain-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, …. What more could I want? The perfect to chocolate to accompany it? Mmmmmm now that sounds nice. Cuddling with my kitten will do!



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  1. Maybe you could bring this over for Thanksgiving?? Yam frosting? Something unimaginable becomes the best thing in dessertland.. aMAZing!



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