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A flop that crushed my hopes on a snowy night

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Okay, maybe I’m being a tad dramatic. But really, what happened was… Oh did you get snow last night!? It’s gorgeous although it was nasty to drive in. One particular highway wasn’t plowed at all…. Scary. Anyways, what’s an essential on a snowy night? Hot chocolate? Yes!

So I tried making some.

Okay remember this…. No came sugar. No dairy. So what did I do?

Date sugar seemed obvious to me!

Problem: it didn’t melt while making the chocolate sauce before adding milk.

Milk? Almond milk!

Result? Other than sad faces, it was a very gritty hot chocolate that barely had any sweetness to it. It was almost… Bitter. I was so disappointed. I am NOT going through the wintertime without the ultimate hot chocolate. So I’m on the hunt for the perfect recipe. Do you have one?

Remember…. Dairy free and sugar free. That’s all I ask. Easy right? Hah. Off I go hunting!

Okay, I’m actually getting ready for work. Can’t I be dramatic today? The snow and lack of hot drinks calls for it!!!!!!!!

Stay safe and enjoy the snow!



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