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A twist on poached eggs inspired by my brother-in-law

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So this morning I suggested to my husband that we make poached eggs. But do you know what is the best part? The bread you soak up the runny yolk with. YUM. I used to do that with Against the Grain baguettes- tasted amazing! But I haven’t been able to have dairy since March. So that’s out for me (Against the Grain makes their gluten free delicacies with mozzarella cheese).

My husband and I visited his brother and wife (who by the way was my college roommate!) last weekend. We had so much fun!!!! We found out were having a nephew! Congrats again!!!! one morning my brother in law made breakfast for us. He made hole-in-wall eggs using avocado instead of bread. Delicious! And so much lighter which I appreciated.

Taking his cue, I sliced up avocados and spread them on two plates for Alex and I. After poaching eggs, I put them in the hole of avocados that I cut up. I love the gooey mess of poached eggs. After finishing it I realized I still had a lot of yolk left. Fortunately I had brown rice tortillas from Food for Life. I heated it up the microwave for 30 seconds and ripped it up, dropping it in where the yolk was most concentrated.


I can enjoy poached eggs again without feeling like I’m missing out on anything! Thanks Nat for the inspiration!!!!





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