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A belated birthday blog!

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So two weeks ago was my birthday!!! We made a delicious coconut-y meal. Coconut chicken strips with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce. Coconut mashed potatoes. Asparagus. Pineapple.

With an AWESOME birthday cake! Now it’s nothing like what I’ve had before. Not on birthdays, that is. Mom had a great idea- now remember all of my food allergies: gluten, corn, soy, diary, cane sugar, sesame seed, cranberry and baker’s yeast. Seriously what can I have for dessert? Only one of the prettiest, freshest and delicious cake ever!!!!

Watermelon, blueberries and strawberries! Yup! Mom cut it up in a way so it became a two-tiered cake. Perfect.

Happy (belated) birthday to me! And the best part about the cake? No nasty fullness afterwards. Score!20120616-143037.jpg



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