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The best fast food for traveling

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For a person with food allergies, fast food generally does not exist. And if they do, they’re toxic. So what am I talking about? Not McDonald’s. Not Wendy’s. Burger King? Nope.

Then what? Well, how do you define fast food? Food that you can grab quickly and eat on the go, right? So what healthy versions are there?

The food bar at Whole Foods. Oh yes. While driving back from Washington DC, we stopped in Baltimore to check out Fort McHenry. Then I realized how hungry I was. Uh oh. So I looked up to see where the nearest Whole Foods was. Score! Only 4 miles away!

A chickpea salad with olive oil, herbs, zucchinis and summer squash. I picked up a tofu salad for Alex. We both left feeling happy, satisfied and a good full. Do you know what I mean by that? I hate it when I over eat then I realize I’m so full that I’m nauseous. Granted half of the nausea is due to the type of food it is. But this time? Nope. Especially not when I had a raspberry chia drink to wash it down. Yum!

Now that’s my kind of fast food.


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