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Honey isn’t just a pet name, it’s my latest addiction

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Honey in the Rough… oh yes. Now, I’m talking about food, okay?

After finding out a few weeks ago about all of the food that I cannot have, I freaked out. I’m sure you noticed if you’ve been following my blog. A MAJOR meltdown. Then came several trips to various grocery stores. The most recent stop was Whole Foods. It’s on my way home from work, what more can I ask for? Sure makes life easy.

So I was browsing the aisles, with my fiance’s advice in mind, to shop by the meals. Make sure I have something for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh, that was taken care of. But my biggest concern? Sweets. I have a sweet tooth. HUGE. I’m sure many can understand how it is. I mean, growing up my favorite candy was Raisinettes. Oh, how I loved those. Then I found out it had soy. I think it might have corn too, but I don’t remember at the moment. So I had to say au revoir to the candy. I got into the habit of heating up a tiny bowl of raisins with Enjoy Life chocolate chips. 25 seconds in the microwave equals perfection for me. It guaranteed a smile, delightfully savoring the gooey sweetness. And a few weeks ago, the allergy test listed sugar as a food I cannot have. SUGAR!? Specifically cane sugar. So what am I supposed to do now? I stopped in my tracks and looked at my left.

A smile crept on my face and I thought about what a friend once had me try. Raw honey. Oh, yes.

I bought a jar. Well worth the price. At home, the first thing I did, before putting away the food, was taking a spoonful out of the jar and started licking it as if it was a lollipop.


And I’m smiling as I lick the spoon right now.


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