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A creamy breakfast

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So I was planning on trying a recipe that was suggested to me on a previous blog post. It only needed two ingredients: avocado and eggs. I was all excited until I opened the fridge.

No eggs.

What?! Where did they all go? I thought I saw a carton last night. Bummer.

The oven was already preheating. The cutting board was out, with the knife gleaming. The avocado, ripe, unknowing that it was about to be guillotined.

I frowned, unsure of what to do for breakfast so I walked over to the pantry. And just looked. And looked.

I was becoming frustrated until I came across a bag of buckwheat. Mmm…. Buckwheat…. It tasted good when I used it in place of rice for stuffed peppers. Mmm… Maybe…

I grabbed it along with a small pan. I cooked 1/2 cup of buckwheat, adding oregano, basil, parsley, salt and pepper. I was going to use those on the egg anyways. After twenty minutes, it was ready to go.

I pitted the avocado and heaped a spoonful of buckwheat into the newly made crater. In the pan, I doused it heavily with cayenne pepper. Shrugging, I threw it in the oven. Five minutes later, I pulled it out.

And dug in.

And kept digging.

Until the shells were completely empty and I was bummed that I didn’t make anymore. Yet a smile crept on my face.

Oh yes, I just had the breakfast of champions. All that protein, omega-3 and goodness? I’m definitely having it again. With eggs. Maybe teff. Millet.

Thanks Laura for the idea! Avocados are going to become a regular sample for breakfast, especially in the next month.




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