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So the other day I had a small freak out. Okay, not small, huge! After consulting with the pharmacist about the results of my test, we found out that gluten might be the culprit for it all. My intestines have never been given a chance to heal after I gave up gluten, allowing other allergies to develop. So I will begin a regime of supplements including probiotics and flaxseed meal daily for six months.

The first month will be the most difficult one for me. I can only eat food that has been PROVEN to be okay for me, having zero antibodies show up on the IGG test. The delayed allergy test showed a lot of food that I cannot have but it also showed a LOT more of what I CAN have. So for 30 days I’m going to eat what I can have. Only what has been tested. Then for the following 5 months I’ll try other food- not what I’m allergic to, but what wasn’t on the test- slowly to ensure that I’m not allergic to it as well. After six months, it’s possible I might be able to tolerate dairy, sugar and other food again. Definitely not gluten though.

So having a plan made me feel better. And there’s hope! So of course it meant several trips to the grocery store. 5 in the last week to be exact. I’m still figuring it out. But my dinner last night was delicious! I didn’t feel like I was missing out at all.

I heated up a pan and watched fresh garlic sizzle for a bit before adding minced green peppers. I also found sausages that has only meat and spices/herbs. No sugar or preservatives in it. I cannot remember the name but if you’re curious, I can look for it. I sliced one up and heated it up in the pan. I added a can of black beans- a brand that does not add anything but sea salt- Nature’s promise, from Stop and Shop! In went red hot pepper flakes, oregano, salt and pepper.

I had white rice from another night, so I heated it up in a bowl. I poured the bean mixture atop. Instead of cheese, I diced avocado and put half on top. It was PACKED with flavor! Mmm the beans were so filling while the sausage tasted like guilty pleasures to be had. The avocado added creaminess that cannot be duplicated with it’s lightness.

It was so good I finished it all for lunch today. You bet I’ll make it again sometimes soon!

Do you have a favorite dish that’s “straight-up”? No chemicals, preservatives or sugar added? Please share them!!!!!

But I’m glad to say this: I have hope!!!



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  1. Yay for hope! What’s the official name of the delayed food test panel? Others might be interested in it. Also, you might consider changing your picture up top! Hah!

  2. I d LOVE to try this dish!!!!!! Looks like this could be a regular for me…

    Alexir.. Ig g is just a specific antibody found in the blood that has built up because of a certain food allergy.. If you are allergic to milk.. there would be a small amount to a large amount of this antibody IgG depending how allergic you were to a food item.. If you are not allergic to this particular food.. you won’t find this particular Ig G there.. So Dru has alot of this IgG’s floating in her blood… because of the many things she is allergic to.. Ig E is another type of antibody that reacts immediately … while IgG reacts later.. So the “official name” for IgG and IgE is .. Allergy!!

    Put oranges up there.. they are tasting delicious right now and in season…


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