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Have you ever had that moment where you felt like your world was crumbling because somebody told you that you cannot have your favorite food? I’ve had that a few times now. When we found out I could not have gluten, it was not that devastating but I did struggle with the idea of not having “real” bread anymore. Fortunately I was used to the idea, having a cousin who has Celiac.

But last night, when I got the results of a delayed food allergy test, I broke down. I have already been off gluten, corn and soy for years. Many people remark about how difficult that must be, but really? It’s hard but not terrible. After all I’ve got my favorite bread made from Against the Grain Gourmet. Ah-mazing bread! We even will have it at my wedding. I was on cloud 9 when I found that out. But last night changed that.

You see, what makes the bread so wonderful, so out of this world is the fact that it is made with mozzarella.

The test revealed that I cannot have dairy. This includes cheese, milk, yogurt, casein and whey.

Bye-bye Against the Grain.

And sugar. Cane sugar to be exact. Immediately I thought of the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had. It uses butter and sugar. Gone.

But my fiance is amazing and reminded me that cane sugar can easily be replaced with beet sugar. So I’ll start doing that. I’m going to try it tonight after a long and needed trip to Whole Foods.

And it looks like I can have soy. Due to that, he said I can try the tofu or soy based fake dairy products. So, that’s something. But my first reaction? I cried on my way home.

So I’m asking you this: do you have a recipe that is gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free that ROCKS your world? No cranberry or sesame seeds please (yes, those too).  Food is what inspires me and I want to keep it that way!


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  1. Hi Dru–

    Oh geez, wow!!! What a roller coaster ride you re going through!.. You have lost some foods you now should not have… but you have indeed gained a few back.. ( don;t forget those gains– it means huge!) Does this mean you are lactose intolerant? if so.. you could still have dairy, but without the lactose? Do not worry– We will make this work! George is somewhat in the same position as you.. as he really needs to watch his sugar intake.. and he drinks lact-aid milk.. He does not attack desserts like he used to… Beet sugar.. hmm.. something new for me..I am looking forward to learning new things with you! We will all go through this together.. and I know we ll find something BETTER than Against the Grain baquette! Keep your chin up.. and..we will tackle this to no end!!

    Love, Laura


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