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An easy snack

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When I’m craving something, I find a way to get it. And fast, if possible. The other day I just wanted fries. A lot of them. Salt just sounded good to me and I’m trying to avoid potato chips. It’s a weakness of mine, once I open a bag, I can’t seem to stop shoveling them in my mouth. So fries, it is.

Instead of regular potatoes, I reached for sweet potatoes at the grocery store. I’ve made it before, and loved how it came out. So I grinned in anticipation of the salty goodness that I was about to eat. It’s a healthy starch, with a lot of beta cartone, giving it the orange hue. vitamin C, B6, fiber, and more. A great pick, I daresay!

Sweet potatoes waiting to become fries

I julienned 4 sweet potatoes, into fries. Then drizzled kalamata olive oil over it. I grabbed different spices. Now with fries, I never ever measure anything. I just go with the aroma. It’s a wonderful tool, really. I used red hot pepper flakes, cumin, sea salt, pepper, and coriander. I originally wanted dried cilantro but we were out. So I used coriander, which is the seed from the leafy plant that gives us cilantro. Being in the same family, I went with it, thinking it was a safe bet. It sure was! I dove in with my hands and tossed it, making sure that it was evenly spread out.

It’s so easy to make. After I did that, I baked it at 375° for 20 minutes. Then I moved it around, giving the fries a chance to cook evenly instead of burning. I left it in the oven for another 20 minutes. The nice part about this? You can leave it in the oven until the rest of your meal is ready, as long the oven is turned off. Easy peasy!

Sweet potato fries, a favorite of mine!

It’s one of my favorite snacks or sides for a meal, just popping them in my mouth. I’m sure you could use a dip, but I never needed any. Mmm, delicious!


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  1. Ah! that looks like my kitchen! I’m having the last of those fries for lunch today! Thanks!

  2. Can you go with any other spices, to make them sweeter and not so spicy? I mean red pepper flakes were a perfect fit for this but are there any other spices you can use?


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