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Basil oil!!!

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I’m just excited thinking about what I might do with the basil oil that I prepared earlier. A few weeks ago I filled a mason jar with fresh cinnamon basil, and poured oil in it. It covered everything in the jar. Then I let it infuse until yesterday, shaking it once a day.

I found an unbleached cheese cloth at WF and strained the oil through it, taking out the basil leaves. The flavor, WOW, was amazing!!!

Mmm I think I’ll have pasta tonight with the oil along with vegetables. The oil is so easy to make! Fill whatever container you have with a fresh herb: it can be anything, basil, sage, mint, or go crazy and make up your own combinations. Cover it with oil. Make sure the jar is clean and tight. Let it sit for two weeks, shaking it once a day. Strain through a cheesecloth and taste away!

Use as a dip for bread, add flavor to your pasta, or anything. It’s your chance to go crazy!!!



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