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Buying in bulk is the way to go

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So, last week I ran out of rosemary. Instead of recycling the jar for it, I set it aside on the countertop in the kitchen. As a visual reminder to buy it later. Yesterday, I was at Whole Foods and I saw the dried herb in the bulk section. So I grabbed a bag and partially filled it.

Dried rosemary

I came home, and it filled the jar perfectly! Sweet, I thought. Out of curiosity, I flipped over the jar and saw the price tag for it: $4.49. Ehhh. Kinda pricey. But it’s McCormick’s. What can we really expect?

Then I looked at my receipt from Whole Foods. If I was chewing anything at the moment, I would have choked on it.

Get ready for this.

24 cents.

Yes, you read that right. To fill the exact amount that originally cost me more than $4 was only $0.24. Not even a quarter.

So… I’ve had other times where I made a huge saving buying in bulk, but this one was RIDICULOUS.

Other pros to buying in bulk: instead of buying new jars every single time, and tossing them after each use, you’ll reuse only one! Talk about being green. You get the exact amount you need and want. Not a tiny amount when you want a lot. Or vice versa.

So how to start? When you use up those jars you have in your spice rack, save them. Go to a store where they sell in bulk and fill them up. You’ll be saving both money and the environment. Who can say no to that? Not me! Bulk, bring it on!


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  1. What shall you do with the 4 dollars you saved?? 2 iced coffees!

  2. Nice banner indeed! Light and refreshing…

    One more suggestion for reusing containers for spices. Its extra nice if they are stored in glass.. Chuck out the plastics!.. Glass is inert.. meaning nothing from glass gets into food.. Low or high temps.. but plastic is not…. leaves a lot to be desired…..

    See you for dinner soon.. and we play your favorite game ( and mine! ) Dixit!! Friday! We ll have two extra bodies! Mary and Mette! 6 players!


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