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Jackpot at the farmer market means a yummy dinner!

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Winning pile at farmer market

It was nearly 80° outside today, sunny with a barely detectable breeze. Perfection. And the farmer market had taken over the town common. I had cash ready in my pocket with a cloth bag tucked away underneath my arm. I knew I wanted something tasty. And the best thing about the farmer market is that everything is seasonal! They just grew it on their farms. Oh yeah.

I spent $10 on all of the goodies I got. Kale, green onions, garlic, red onions and a pound of apples. The kale was HUGE. The biggest bunch I’ve ever seen! Seriously, did King Kong grow it? Anyways, I was thrilled. And I didn’t have a recipe in mind. I was just so excited about finding the goodies.

Then I came home and started looking through my usual websites for recipes. Whole Foods had the PERFECT one for me. It required . . . kale, red onions and apples. Exactly what I just purchased at the common! It was so easy to make too. The prepping was what took most of the time. Making sure the kale were washed, ripped up, onions sliced, and apples diced. Then the cooking was a breeze. Onions for 4 minutes. Throw in the apples along with sea salt, pepper and apple cider vinegar. Cover and cook for 3 minutes. Add kale. 3 more minutes. Done. That’s it.

And I was a bit tentative about how it would taste, since it was a combination that I’ve never thought of before. But hey, you’ve got to try everything once! And the bowl disappeared FAST. So did the second. My mother, who never had kale, gobbled her bowl up as well. Wow.

Apple and Kale

Here’s the recipe!


PLEASE try it! I took a picture of it, but I only remembered to AFTER I ate some. Okay, I ate a lot of it. Sue me.

I’m already thinking about when I’ll make more. Seriously. Try it. And it’s vegan! Oh one more thing, I used grapeseed oil instead of olive oil since that’s what we had on hand.


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