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I ate my school’s mascot.

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Bears, tigers and bisons, oh my! Which one did I eat? Not Newton North’s. Not Bridgewater’s. Yup, I dined on a fine Gallaudet-inspired burger. Two actually. And they were DELICIOUS!

I’ve been struggling with meat for the last… few months. Every time I took a bite of meat, I ended up feeling nauseous. I kept wondering whether it was due to the feed. Chicken, cows, pigs and others are often fed corn. Yeah, and I’m allergic to corn. Mmm.. that doesn’t quite mesh for me!  But bison… completely grass-fed. I just kept putting it off for months. I’ve tasted it years ago, but cooking it myself? After my luck with meat the last few months? I wasn’t too eager about the idea, but I kept telling my family that the only way I’ll reconsider being on a vegetarian diet was if I had bison meat to try.

So my Mom bought some.

My school mascot burgers

I made two small burgers, digging my fingers into the meat with dried cilantro, cumin, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper. I cooked them in a skillet, lightly sprinkled with olive oil. It was nice making burgers without seeing all of the grease ooze out. My Dad sliced up a few tomatoes from his garden for a salad that he was making. I stole a few pieces for myself, along with a few lettuces to act as the bun. I could have gone for bread, but I’ve had SO much today. It’s ridiculous. You would think being gluten-free cut back on my bread-intake. Not with Against the Grain Gourmet! Anyways, lettuce wraps it was.

And . . . for the first time in months, I didn’t feel nauseous WHILE eating the meat, or afterwards! Now, I realize it’s still soon after the meal. But normally I get the disgustingly full feeling crossed with the nausea that just won’t go away. I would get that every time I ate meat. Chicken . . . it depends. But I often itch afterwards. And it’s just NOT worth it. When I consume corn in any form, I end up with an itch that feels as if it originated in the bones. A bone-deep itch. It’s HORRIBLE. My ear lobes itch. I’m tearing away at my neck. Biting my fingers for relief. My nostrils! The bottom of my feet. It’s torture. So, I’m giving away a secret here: want to know how to torture me? Feed me corn. Seriously.

It was SO good. I loved being able to eat something without my mouth filling up with grease. Now the true test is, how will I feel tomorrow? I’m hoping I’ll be okay! Because I think.. bison might be the meat to spice up my diet! Naturally, I want a vegetarian inspired diet, but I’m not opposed to a grass-fed, hormones free meat. Especially one that is SO lean! It puts a skeleton to shame.


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