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Feeling French!

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As usual, visiting my boyfriend’s parents was wonderful. I am so fortunate that they share a passion for food, and is immensely familiar with gluten-free fare. We had so many delicious dishes this weekend, and I just forgot to take pictures of them all! I was so focused on cooking, and tasting it all! We had lemon millet patties, a butternut squash soup made with coconut soup (W.O.W.), spaghetti squash with spinach on the top, a delicious tomato salad, roasted root vegetables (most if not all were from farmer stands or stores!), and the company was just delightful. Oh right, the cashew coconut cookies. Mmm… I wish I copied the recipe! It’s from The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook, and is only… one of the BEST cookbooks I’ve ever seen. Everything is absolutely delicious. I’m always excited to take a look in it and try something new!

I want to order one for myself, but it’s a part of the charm of going over there! So I’ll leave it there for now. But after a while, I just might have to buy a copy for myself. SO many gluten-free recipes! Most recipes are straight-forward, using fresh ingredients. In fact, I can’t think of ONE recipe that isn’t. So it’s a great one for anybody with food allergies. Really.

French pressed coffee, courtesy of Esselon!

So why am I feeling French? For the first time yesterday, at Esselon Cafe (which by the way had a few gluten-free options! Just be sure you’re okay with having eggs), I had French pressed coffee. I took the recommendation of an employee, and ordered Guatemalan coffee. While it was strong, it was so much smoother. I was surprised, and it was just a pleasure to drink. My boyfriend and I now understand why somebody could make this on a backpacking trip. Quality coffee while getting down and dirty in the woods? A winning combination!

Does anybody have experience with that? Backpacking with a french-press, I mean.

Know what sounds perfect to me right now? Sitting at a table with my boyfriend, drinking French pressed coffee, while picking out recipes to try, from The Whole Life Nutrition. They even have a blog, so go and check it out!

Mmm… food. Coffee. Great company. Can’t go wrong with that!

Have a wonderful Monday, everybody!


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  1. Robert makes it on the blog! (See the reflection on top of the french press).

    Snowpeak makes some good stuff for backpacking and they have a lightweight, titanium french press. Ooh!

    Expensive but definitely a luxury!


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