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What’s for dinner? The refrigerator shall decide for me…

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I was starving. I was also craving pizza. Please, please, please have all of the ingredients, I said to the refrigerator when I opened it. I spied a jar of spaghetti sauce. Score! Mozzarella cheese. Double score! Now the freezer . . . Against the Grain Gourmet pizza shell, SCORE!!! I had everything to make a simple pizza. Now there’s a few things some people ALWAYS have in their pantry or fridge. Ours include those three ingredients. We love our pizza. It’s an easy dinner, and it’s more than filling.

A saucy pizza shell

Fresh ingredients from the garden

What kind of toppings though? I spied an abundance of fresh tomatoes, along with green peppers, courtesy of my dad and a neighbor’s garden. It’s the perfect time of the year for a fresh pizza. I also gathered fresh herbs from our garden: basil and oregano. A lot of them. I wanted the kitchen to be saturated with the aroma of freshly picked herbs. There’s nothing like it, and it just screams FRESHNESS! Which means quality when it comes to food, at least it does in my book.

I couldn’t find the pizza stone, so I settled for a cookie sheet. I sprinkled flaxseed meal in place of cornmeal, which many use. But that will just make me miserable for a week due to my corn allergy. No thank you. Flaxseed, it is! It also means extra protein and fiber! I also sprinkled a bit of fresh parmesan cheese on the top for additional flavor.

Piling up the goodness on the pizza, I could feel the warmth radiating from the oven that was preheating at 500°. After backpacking this weekend, while I was hot in the daytime hiking up the trails in the White Mountains, I was chilly at nighttime. I had enough layers, it was just cold out. So the heat from the oven felt heavenly. Especially on a cool and rainy day!

A spur of the moment pizza!

Now the pizza is ready to cook. I set the timer for fifteen minutes. Mmmm… and it smelled delicious! And it tasted great too. It’s so easy assembling a great dinner when you keep certain staples on hand at all times! Now, I realize that gluten-free pizza shells might seem pricey, but guess what? They are meant to stay frozen until you’re ready to use them. When planning on making pizza, just take one out and let it defrost as you prep the toppings. We often buy 5 or 6 at a time, and just throw them in the freezer. Got a surprise guest coming over? Whip up a delicious appetizer by baking the shell itself, cut up into bite-size pieces, and serve with an oil mixture including spices and of course, garlic. It’s a hit every single time. So it’s a purchase that never disappoints. Every single time.

Ahh, now I am feeling content. Pizza will do that every time.


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  1. This ROCKS my socks off!



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