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Good bye civilization, hello wilderness!

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White Mountains' greens

After Irene, I’m glad to get the power back! Ironically my plans this weekend include abandoning the comforts that electricity has to offer. I’m going backpacking with my boyfriend and a good friend. So we will be trading in the kitchen for a small stove in the wild. Not a bad trade-off, I daresay! Especially if the surrounding looks anything like this:

Mmm, I can’t wait! We’re keeping it VERY simple with the food this time. After all we have to lug everything in and out on our backpacks. So for breakfast it’s oatmeal. I’m also bringing a small bag with cinnamon, sugar and the works. To add some flavor to it. Lunch will be rice cakes, peanut butter and raisins (or craisins?). Dinner will be soup (that’s the heaviest thing we’ll carry, Imagine’s flavorful soup. The black beans is a GREAT one to have, with all of the protein! You just have to decide whether you’re willing to carry the weight or not). Snacks include GORP (granola, raisins, peanuts or any other nuts), chocolate bars (Theo’s for me! It’s one of the very few chocolate bars without soy lecithin. And let me tell you something . . . it’s the best thing EVER. Made in Seattle, I believe that the taste is unrivaled. And my favorite flavor? Coconut curry. Oh yes, they use actual coconut, turmeric, red pepper, and more.) and of COURSE water. Can’t go without water! Not only that, but my boyfriend will have a water filter. We don’t want to get sick from anything this weekend!

Have you ever gone camping or backpacking? What’s your typical meal look like?


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  1. I am jealous! It has been a longggg time since I backpacked and hiked! How long you will be hiking? I did make pancakes for breakfast few times during my hiking trip. It was easy and fun! I used to cook my food on the fire…not the stove.

    • We went backpacking for 2 nights, 3 days. It was great, very humbling though. A lot harder than what we anticipated- and we forgot to drink water on the first day, so we weren’t properly hydrated. Lesson learned the HARD way.

      Stove’s an easier option if there’s no fire pits around. Which was the case for us. And if you’re jealous.. sounds like you need to plan a trip! 🙂


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