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No electricity? I’ve got gas.

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So we still didn’t have power by 5:00 PM. Which means it’s been almost 36 hours for those in my town. Fallen trees on power lines still haven’t been touched. It wasn’t considered an emergency compared to other sites. It was weird how every time I would walk into a room, and automatically flip the switch only to shake my head, remembering that it wasn’t working.

And it was also dinnertime. Everything in the fridge was beginning to melt. All of the frozen meat. Pizza shells (Against the Grain Gourmet has cheese and eggs in it). Milk. Cheese. We knew we had to do something fast or they would spoil. We already had SO many bags of ice shoved in there. And fortunately we had a gas stove top. One of many reasons why I’ll never want an electric stove top. But to each their own!

After dividing up the goods, we took some over to my grandparents’ where they had power, where my aunt and cousins were at. So they were able to cook them for themselves.

Thawed frozen greens

Sliced up pizza shell

An Irene-inspired dinner!

But I didn’t want meat. So I grabbed two bags of frozen vegetables: peas and a mix of broccoli and cauliflower. Heated up a pan with olive oil, and began cooking it away. It didn’t take long since it already thawed out. I added a few spices, and voila! Now what else? Pizza shells . . . we had a LOT of them. So I took one out, and cut it up into pieces. And heated up an oiled skillet. And cooked it as one would grilled cheese. After heating up both sides, I sprinkled some parmesan cheese on the top along with red-hot pepper and onion flakes. I have to say it tasted decent!

Sure, there were no protein for me. The meat just did NOT appeal to me. But power is back on today and I’ll remedy that!

How did you all fare, if you went without power? Especially if you didn’t have a gas stove top? My father also fired up the grill, so was that also an option for you?


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