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Hurricane / Tropical Storm Irene

I hope everybody is doing okay after Irene wrecked havoc on many of our lives! Temporarily or more than that. I watched the storm a bit by the waterfront. The waves were INCREDIBLE!

But it also meant that many people lost power. Including my family. They were somewhat prepared, by getting ice in time to keep perishables cold. But today is going to be a busy day. Cooking everything before it all spoils!

Are you in the same shoes? If so, how are you planning on using up everything? Or are you tossing it all into the trash? Any quick recipes to recommend for anybody who might need ideas. After all, this is an entire refrigerator that we’re talking about. Packed with food.

Not only is that something many have to consider, but also the options one have for cooking. Got a grill? Great, fire it up! Got a gas stove? Burn away. Electric? I think you’re stuck until the power goes back on. I wouldn’t recommend eating the tub of cookie dough or butter to save a few dimes you’ve spent at the store.

Recommendations to share, anybody?


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  1. Luckily I had power at my place the whole time but I can’t imagine what I’d do if my refrigerator suddenly lost electricity. I think I would either do what your family did and cook the perishables, have lots of cereal to use up the milk and find creative ideas to put the fruits and vegetables together. But I still wouldn’t be able to eat them all. Hmm, what a sad thought!

    • Makes you wonder if one should shop for fresh food for the week, or save up on frozen food? Maybe those who shops on more of a regular basis has the right idea. The food is fresher, and it’s a quicker trip to the store (or farmer market, which has a great deal more appeal to it!), and you won’t feel bad when the food goes bad. There isn’t any to go bad in the first place. Mmmmm…..


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