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So last Friday was both a wonderful and interesting day! It was my brothers and sister’s birthday. I mentioned the chocolate and banana cake, didn’t I? Now the peach appetizer… that was absolutely mouth-watering. And so-oh easy to make! The colors were divine. Inviting. Seductive. Alluring. I could go on and on. But I won’t. I’ll let the pictures do the work for me.

Peaches waiting to be roasted

MY peach!

My mother and I were trying to come up with a menu on Thursday for the birthday party/dinner. She wondered if there was a way to use peaches, but didn’t have an idea of how to. Then my mind drifted into a world of possibilities. Oooh!

On Friday morning, I went to the store and bought a dozen peaches, knowing I would be able to make 24 of whatever it was going to be. I also picked up blueberries and a honeydew (I chose this knowing that seeded fruits weren’t an option, with people being sensitive to getting seeds stuck in their teeth. Something to consider when you have somebody wearing dentures. Also I had a friend who was allergic to several fruits, so I had to omit those).

I was eager to start, but first I had to make the ice cream. I whipped up a batch of orange chocolate ice cream (it still needs a bit of tweaking, even though it tasted GREAT!). Then it was time to go horseback riding with my sister! It’s been a while for both of us, and I knew it was the best way to celebrate her birthday!

But what I didn’t take into account, was the chance that one of us would fall. And I did. A bad one. Got a nasty scrape on my right arm. But the pain wasn’t too bad. More than anything, my neck and back was sore. A whiplash will do that to anybody.

Food was still on my mind! Ignoring the pain, I started slicing the peaches in half and twisting it so it came apart neatly. Using a melon-baller, I scooped out the core, and tossed it. I scooped out some of the peach insides to make room for the stuffing. I saved it. Then after all of the peaches were prepared, I mixed up the fruit and fresh mint leaves from our herb garden. I stuffed the ripe fruits, sprinkled a bit of sugar and roasted it at 425° for 25 minutes. Ta-da!

Everybody kept asking what was in it, how I made it, and where I found the recipe. I knew I had a hit on hand! Not only that, but it was a perfect compliment to the summer evening.

Roasted Stuffed Peaches

A dozen fresh peaches, halved, cored, and scooped out with a melon-baller save the insides of the fruit

1 cup fresh blueberries

1/2 cup honeydew, using a melon-baller, or diced

1/3 cup fresh mint leaves, loosely packed

1 TBSP vegan sugar, to sprinkle on


1.) Prepare the peaches, and puree the insides that you have scooped out.

2.) Mix pureed peach with the rest of the fruits. Fill the holes in peaches.

3.) Sprinkle sugar evenly over them all.

4.) Roast at 425° for 25 minutes

5.) Let cool slightly before serving


TIP: Eat it all up on the day you make it. It gets mushy the next day.

It was ambrosial! And I’m salivating right now, just thinking about it. I think I’ll eat a peach shortly after this post. As for my arm? It’s healing. It just takes time. But if you go riding, please do wear a helmet!


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  1. Got peaches on sale for 99 cents a pound…they’re giving em away at the food stores at this time of the year!

  2. i am so totally gonna do this!!! they look so delicious!!!! my mouth is all watery now! & you can click my blog below!!! 🙂


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