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Ice cream using only bananas?!

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A dear friend of mine sent me this recipe to try. It was for ice cream, using only one ingredient: bananas. I’m not kidding. Only bananas. It was so different, yet so simple, that I just had to try it.

I mean bananas alone is full of essential vitamins and minerals, especially potassium. It’s a super fruit in my opinion (and my boyfriend’s. He has to have one everyday and does not understand why others don’t do the same!). Not only is it filled with goodness, but it has natural sugar which tastes SWEET! In fact, people use it as substitutes for sugar in various recipes.

But alone, to make ice cream? No milk, no sugar, nothing else. Really? I was dubious, I have to admit that.

Ice cream made with bananas

But I cut up the bananas, and stored it away in a Pyrex container in the freezer. Then today, I put some in my food processor. I have to say, as lame as this sound, I truly was amazed! The texture literally became ice cream like. As I scooped it up into a small bowl, I took a taste. Yes, it tastes like banana, but it was very subtle for some reason. I guess freezing has something to do with it? But regardless, it was “ice cream”!!! I added chocolate chips, just  cause. And I giggled as I ate the bowl of ice cream, while my sister peeled a banana and chomped away. We both were eating the same thing, yet it was so different!

This is a type of ice cream that most people can have! Provided that they are not allergic to bananas, but there’s NO other allergens in it! And this is probably ideal for diabetes. I’ll try it again with cocoa powder or a bit of peanut butter as the link suggests! Check it out at

Power to bananas.


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