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A No-Meat Sandwich fit for royalty

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I wanted a sandwich. Bad. And I wanted to use eggplants and beets. I had just seen recipes about how to use beets in sandwiches, which intrigued me. After hearing raves from my boyfriend, I decided it was time to try that myself.

Beets and eggplants drizzled with balsamic vinegar

So I began chopping away the purple vegetables. Seeing the beets all sliced delighted me, for I was watching rubies unfold before me. There is something absolutely stunning about beets. Just slicing it had me in awe of this beautiful root vegetable. The color is so rich, and it leave traces of pink juice everywhere it touched. For a vegetable, it is just pretty. It truly is amazing, how it helps combat cancerous cells, both preventing and reducing with betanin pigments. It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and detoxification properties. You can read more about this on or other various websites.

Upon seeing the rubies from the grounds, I was excited about my sandwich. After putting the vegetables under broil for approximately 10-12 minutes, I took it out and put my bread under the broil as well. I love it when it’s crispy. There’s nothing better than a toasted sandwich when you’re in the mood for it! While everything was cooking, I was sauteing a yellow onion, watching it caramelize. It’s amazing how in its raw form, I’m very resistant to eat it. And it makes me cry! I’m sure you all know how painful it can be cutting onions, but I’ve heard that there are tricks to prevent this. If you know of one, please share! The sugar in cooked onions just makes me want to smile whenever I add it to a dish.

Now everything was ready! So the assembly begins. Bread, eggplant and beets alternating, onions and silvered fresh sage from my garden. Then I pressed it all down with the second piece of bread. As I sat down with it before me, I prayed, “Please God, let this taste good.” It looked heavenly, but to have it taste mediocre would have been a huge letdown. Then I took my first bite.

A sandwich made for royalty of the land

I closed my eyes.

And chewed.

My eyes were still closed as I kept on chewing.

Then after finally swallowing, I looked down at my sandwich and went “Wow!” and eagerly reached for another bite. I even made another one the next day. If you want to give me jewels, don’t buy me rubies from the mines, but rubies from the soil!!!

Now, while this sandwich is entirely vegetarian, it is not vegan due to the bread I used. Being limited due to my food issues, I cannot have the majority of gluten-free bread, so I used a favorite of mine that has never failed me: Against the Grain Gourmet. Their original baguette was perfect for this, although I can see how the rosemary flavor would complement this.


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