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Beating the heat

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It’s HOT out. When I walked out to my car, it felt like I was walking into a brick wall. It’s official, my car is now a lethal weapon, just sitting there in the driveway.

A refreshing salad that kept me cool

Then I realized I’m hungry. But I don’t want to cook. I REALLY don’t want to cook! Before getting into that whiny mode, I decided to check out the fridge first. Aside from the cool blast, I found salad. A mixture of endive, beet leaves and romaine lettuces along with diced tomatoes. Score! But that’s all? I think not. Blueberries. Yum. Olive oil. Oh yeah. Cinnamon. Bring it on, baby!

The combination was both refreshing and delicious. Salad is probably the perfect meal on a scorching day like this. Not only is it a relief to take a bite, but it’s also hydrating! With all of the water in the bowl from the vegetables, it’s literally keeping my body cool. How is that for a bonus? Gimme some more, will ya? 😉

And the most important part of my lunch? Water. Ice cold water. How does one go without a glass? I have no idea, and frankly I don’t want to know. Add a slice of lemon, splash of lime juice, or a squirt of cranberry juice. But have water!


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