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A salad for breakfast!!!

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There’s nothing like fresh vegetables, are there? Well… maybe fresh fruits? Ooo, a combination of both? YUM! Sounds like my kind of dish! After eating a salad that my boyfriend made for breakfast the other day, from this wicked cool website: . Chickpeas, blueberries, celery, cantaloupes, silvered almonds with a vinaigrette made from fresh strawberries, rice vinegar and honey. You can substitute the honey for agave, for a vegan meal. I LOVED it. It was so fresh and seemed radical to me. The chickpeas? It was subtle. The spinach for breakfast? A kick-start to my day.

So for breakfast today, I wondered what to make for myself. Oatmeal wasn’t an option, and frankly, I can only have so much of it. So I looked in the fridge to see what we had. You could say I used that recipe as an inspiration for today. It tasted great, even though it may sound simple. Sometimes the best things in life are like that!

Breakfast today composed of baby spinach, blueberries, almonds, a healthy sprinkle of flaxseed meal (I need my omega-3, fiber and lignans: those are antioxidants that helps fight cancer. Two tablespoons of flaxseed meal gives you the same fighting power of 30 cups of fresh broccoli!), and rice milk. Almost like a green, mean and vegan cereal! Popeye would be proud, although I have to say this is much more appealing than a can he consumes on a regular basis.

My own version of breakfast salad

Having a vegan meal just makes me feel energized, ready to start my day! I have only eaten what’s healthy for my body, and nothing more. Vegan salad, and milk? That doesn’t make sense, right? The milk you see in the picture is actually coconut milk, certified vegan! There’s also rice milk, if I want. But soy milk and almond milk are out for me, due to soy. I haven’t tried hemp milk yet, so I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

Why go on a vegan diet? That is a personal decision, and I’m not saying everybody should go on it. It’s most likely a temporary decision for me, to give my body a break from the massive amount I’ve been consuming (I’m a cheese fiend!). I had gotten to the point where every time I took a bite, I felt nauseous. So I knew it was time to take action. As of today, it has been three weeks (honey is still something I’m unsure about. I’ve been reading about whether it is vegan or not. The controversy lies in the issue that honey comes from bees. Some says it’s okay because they don’t physically produce honey, but make it. However a lot of places use smoke to clear the hives, which can harm the bees. My question is this: what if you buy from a local beekeeper who uses humane approaches? Would that count? I only get my honey from them anyways, since corporate sometimes feed their bees high fructose corn syrup. GROSS.)

And if you’ve read my blogs, you know I love ice cream. As a vegan, ice cream is out. Sorbet is in, which is more than fine by me! Lemon basil, by the way, is AMAZING. The first bite I took just…. knocked my socks off (okay, it was the summertime, so I’ll say flip-flops). Juice from a dozen of fresh lemons, two cups of packed basil grown in my garden, and the combination was just… it made my taste buds sing. The stars seemed brighter that night.

So, my point is … my sister-in-law and I decided to try making a vegan version of ice cream using coconut milk. The canned milk would replace the heavy cream, and the shelf stable version would act as the regular milk. By adding flaxseed meal in place of eggs, it seemed to work! We’re still experimenting with the flavors. So any ideas or suggestions would be great!

I. Love. Food.


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