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Meals that invoke pleasant memories

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I’m sure you have a meal or several even that brings back memories of time spent with a certain somebody, a group of friends, or family. I know I do, and I’ve got quite a few of them!

When I had to think about what to make for dinner last night, I immediately thought of chicken with oranges and avocados. After getting the needed supplies, I pulled out the cutting boards, knives, bowls and washed my hands. I already had a smile on my face, eager to taste the dish. First I made the sauce, well I’m not sure it qualifies as a sauce. It’s more of a dressing, really. Lime juice, honey, sea salt and pepper. Oooo. The scent of lime already tickled my nose.

My sister was next to me, cubing the raw chicken. They were about to be thrown into a frying pan with olive oil, sea salt and pepper. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Now here’s where the magic begins. On my cutting board, I cut up the avocados in half and peeled off the skin. After taking out the core, I cut it up in bite sized pieces. I did the same with oranges. And threw them in the bowl with the dressing.

It became a waiting game. I already had asparagus baking in the oven. But the chicken was still sizzling in the pan. Hurry, I thought. I wanted that first bite.

Finally the wait was over. I drained the chicken into a large bowl, and added in the fruity mixture. After folding it in, it was ready to serve! The asparagus was now waiting to be consumed as well.

After making myself a plate, I sat down and grabbed a piece of chicken, orange and avocado with my fork. Somebody was in the middle of talking with me, but once I took that first bite, I held up a finger and closed my eyes as I let myself be transported back to the tropical paradise where I first sampled this dish. A dear friend of mine, Kristen, introduced me to this combination and swore that it tasted great. Intrigued, I tried. And knew she wasn’t lying. After recalling the laughter spilled over this meal, I opened my eyes and found myself back in the kitchen. I still had a huge smile on my face.

This combination will always be her creation, and it will always make me feel giddy every time I take a bite. Thank you, Kristen, for showing me that food isn’t only about nutrition, but also about memories.

The dish that makes me smile everytime: chicken, orange and avocado

Kri’s Chicken with Orange and Avocado

1 1/2 lb boneless chicken breasts, cubed

2 avocados, diced

3 oranges, diced

1/4 cup lime juice

1 TBSP honey

sea salt and pepper to taste

Make the dressing by mixing up lime juice, honey, sea salt and pepper in a bowl. After cutting up oranges and avocados, add to the bowl. Let it soak up the juices.

Cook the chicken in a pan with olive oil, sea salt and pepper. Once throughly cooked, drain.

Combine and serve. Tastes great with a side of asparagus, and brown rice! Enjoy! This can feed a family of 6 people with enough for leftovers. It’s easy to tailor this recipe to feed 2 people, by using two chicken breasts, one orange, one avocado, and eyeball the dressing.

If you have any dishes that reminds you of a special time, please share it with us! Is there a dessert that takes you back to that moment where you felt deliriously happy? A sandwich that makes you feel like you’re sitting across the table from a friend, laughing?


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  1. Actually, Thank you Dru for making me reminisce on our wonderful times and very-amateurish dinners together!!! 🙂 xoxoox And reminding me of this recipe!!!


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