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A pizza that tastes like summer!

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Last night, my sister and I were itching for something delicious that was also quick. We had a few things in the fridge that needed to be used, otherwise it would go to waste. A dairy-free pesto that I made a few days ago, red peppers, half a log of goat cheese . . . how to combine all of those three ingredients? Fortunately I had an Against the Grain Gourment pizza crust sitting around in my freezer! Inspiration struck when I saw that.

Pizza crust topped with dairy-free pesto

I had my sister preheat the oven to 375 degrees. I also recruited her to roast the red pepper (see my earlier posting about how to do this), while I set out to prepare the pizza itself. I covered the crust with the pesto. Already the smell of basil was seducing me into the promise of summertime joys, including rainy days, fresh vegetables plucked from the garden, insects buzzing around the flowers, dogs rolling around in the grass, walking around barefoot and of course swimming anywhere deemed acceptable. As I smiled, I took a step back and admired the beauty of the pesto on the crust.

I wish I could say that this pizza was suitable for those unable to consume cow milk, but it is not. The crust itself has cheese in it. But that did not deter me, with my excitement growing as I detected almonds that wasn’t completely crushed in the pesto-making process.

It was time to put on the goat cheese. I was extremely generous with this. I cut up pieces and spread it around until it was nearly covered. If you don’t like goat cheese, you could use mozzarella, the traditional option for pizza.

Goat cheese now covers the pesto-slathered crust.

The pizza is now all ready to dive into the oven!

By this point, the red pepper was all ready to cut up. I diced the red pepper. You might want to use half of the pepper, but I have to admit the amount I put on was just perfect! The flavor burst into my mouth, tasting the smokiness and the juice from the pepper. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.
Here’s the moment of truth. After 15 minutes of baking in the oven, it was time to conduct the taste test.






A summery pizza basking in the sun


The first bite was incredible. So was the second. The third . . . all the way until the last bite. Then I had another slice. You could easily come up with a different combination, by looking in the fridge and seeing what needs to be used up. Want a change of pace? Use pesto instead of tomato sauce. FRESH pesto if possible!


Enjoy. I know I did. And I will again!


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  1. Other than Against the Grain, is there any other gluten/corn/soy free version of pizza crusts or do you have to make your own?

    • So far, I have not been able to come up with a GCS-free pizza crust. Against the Grain is the only brand that I know of. But it is something I would like to try- coming up with a crust that is also dairy free so if I want a vegan pizza, it’s an option! It’s now on my to-do list.


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