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An eggplant/roasted red pepper sub that blew my mind!

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Last night, my family decided to have subs for dinner. I also knew that I didn’t want meat in mine. I wanted vegetables. My body CRAVED veggies. While shopping at Whole Foods with my Mom, I pored over my options, wanting something different. I’ve been eating a lot of green peppers, carrots, mushrooms, and etc, but I wanted a change. My eyes fell on a beautiful dark purple eggplant. I picked it up, and my fingers determined that it was firm. A gorgeous medium-sized eggplant. Nearby were red peppers, screaming at me with its fiery color. I immediately thought of roasting it. Now I was imaging the combination of those two delicious vegetables on my bread. My mouth was already salivating! I was ready to go home and cook!

While my family started preparing their own subs with cold cuts (that DOES taste good, but I just wasn’t in the mood for it), I put my red pepper on one of the stove top burners and turned on the heat. It was fun to watch, seeing the flames lick the pepper, literally making it sweat, bubble until the skin turned black. When it was roasted on all sides, I took it off and scraped some of the burnt parts off, not all of it, to preserve the smoky flavor.

A freshly roasted red pepper, ready to be enjoyed

I learned this trick from a few lovely ladies, so simple, and smelled appetizing!

I let it sit, sizzling in its own juice. I took this time to cut up my eggplant, now I only used half since I was making it for myself. I wanted to be able to use the eggplant for other things later on. I cut it into strips, and lined them up in a pan. I drizzled garlic oil over it and sprinkled a heaping amount of oregano. I rubbed it all together, so it was evenly spread out. It looked tasty! I then baked it at 350 degrees for 15 minutes (I flipped it around after 10). It came out smelling scrumptious!

Oregano and garlic oil rubbed over sliced eggplant.

My father had already toasted  my bread for me, I prefer the Against the Grain baguette for subs. There’s two flavors; original and rosemary. I opted for the original this time. Now, the bread itself already had cheese, so I didn’t feel the need to add any more. I piled eggplants and red peppers on one half of the bread. Now was time for the true test: the taste test! I closed my eyes, and prayed that it would be as delicious as it looked and smelled.

The final product!

I took a bite.

And . . .

It was ambrosial! The flavors burst into my mouth, I could detect the smokiness of the red pepper, the oregano wafted into my nostrils, titillating my tongue, the eggplants offering a firmness that I appreciated, the toasted bread was the perfect complimenting piece. I loved it.

LOVED it. I raved about it to everybody in my family, promising to make them some more later on. I think they were jealous. Pretty sure of it.

In order to make this, all you need is an eggplant, slice it up, bake it with a LITTLE bit of olive oil (if you have garlic oil, great! If not, olive oil with minced garlic would suffice). Roast a red pepper, cut it into strips. Bread of your choosing. Pile it all up together (you don’t need to drizzle oil over it, since the eggplant already has it). I wouldn’t want to add anything else to this delicious sub! But it’s your call. Your tongue that you’ll have to please. But the most important rule is to enjoy the process and SAVOR each bites!


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